lunedì 7 gennaio 2019


Quest'anno non ho fatto la classica lista dei "propositi", constatando però che emergono comunque, a poco a poco, e in maniera molto più naturale e spontanea; e, spero, efficace. Questo è un periodo apparentemente di calma, che cela, invece, un'intensa attività sotterranea; per non parlare della mente in fermento, del cuore che frulla tra troppe cose e dello stomaco che si ribalta ogni tre per due.
No, non vi ammorberò con una lista, dunque. Mi limito a riproporre qui il post scritto d'istinto su Facebook proprio il 31 dicembre;  in inglese, perché lì ho vari amici stranieri e dunque utilizzo per lo più tale lingua.
Torno al lavoro, ora - tante cose da fare, tante storie da scrivere o da editare. Tanti progetti, tanti sogni che emergono con prepotenza nonostante sia restia ad ammetterli perfino con me stessi.
E che sia un buon anno per tutti.

None of the good propositions I chose for 2018 is something I can say I have accomplished. And yet this dying year surprised me. I still don't understand how itcould have been such a mix of good and disappointing, but there's one thing I know: what made my pace slower is fear. That is something I'd like to leave behind, together with too many thoughts, too many doubts. Because 2018 brought many new things I didn't expect and let me build a lot: but it is next year that will see me complete the tasks and tasting the fruits. And still I'm afraid and still I have doubts. There's the unknown in front of me, more than it's happened in years.
But I have new eyes to see, old missions that still make my heart pound fast, and new desires burning inside of me with a ferocious roar. I have only a few more steps to reach the cliff and jump and find out if I'll fly or I'll drown. I lost my old sword, but I found a new one, still heavy in my hand - but I choose to learn how to use it nonetheless, and maybe one day I'll have the skills and grace it requires. Maybe I can't shake away the fear, but I can fight nonetheless. And I can tell stories: that's something I know how to do. None of my heroes is free from fear, yet they are brave nonetheless. And fight.
In this new year I want to be brave, even in the face of flames that scare me, even against all that is unknown. I want to be brave and defend my hopes.

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